US MILITARY MART became an entity in March 2000. The first of its kind dealing with overseas military in Europe. Our concept was simple: "find buyers for sellers" cutting out the middle man who in this case was "THE DEALER". "THE DEALER" was offering low end blue book value and reselling at high end blue book value. Our next step was to create a platform from where our customers could advertise their vehicle for sale by offering a BROKER service whereby we would negotiate the deal for both buyer and seller. We would settle on a price which is deemed fair by both parties. Thereby taking the stress out of the transaction.

US MILITARY MART was the brain child of our managing director Mr Eamonn O'Reilly . Eamonn had spent 10 years in the personnel management and employment services industry in London ,He came to mainland Europe in 1997 to work in the US Military Market ,selling New and Used cars to Military personnel based in Germany.It was here that he realized the huge gap between what cars were being bought for ,and what they were being sold for .and from this designed his blueprint for US MILITARY MART , to get a better deal for both buyer and seller.

US MILITARY MART has brokered deals for customers based all over Europe, on military installations in Germany, England, Spain , Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands.Our Goal is to add you to our ever growing customer base of satisfied customers, whether you are buying or selling. We look forward to seeing your comments on our testimonial section!

Regards and best Wishes
USMM team