Q. What is a Guaranteed Sale?
A. This is the easiest way to sell your vehicle:

  • WE GUARANTEE TO BUY YOUR VEHICLE AFTER 30 DAYS at the wholesale price
  • The completely NO HASSLE, NO STRESS way to sell your vehicle. No worries about selling before you PCS!
  • We take care of all of the details:
    • Advertise your vehicle on our website. We have over 13,000 unique visitors per month!
    • Field all phone calls about your vehicle
    • Financially qualify all interested buyers
    • Arrange Test Drives
    • Present your vehicle to qualified individuals
    • Negotiate Price
    • Organize Paperwork
    • Organize Lien Payoffs
    • Help finalize registration
  • You can get a higher price than if you sold it to a dealer and you KNOW it will sell.
  • Vehicle prices are subject to an appraisal approved by US Military Mart.

Q. How does it work?
A. If you don't sell your vehicle after 30 days, US Military Mart will buy your vehicle from you at the wholesale price.
If you sell above the wholesale price within 30 days, we split the amount above wholesale.

For Example:
- High blue book value: $13,000 (retail price)
- Low blue book value: $10,000 (wholesale price)
- We will buy this vehicle for $10,000 after 30 days
- Suppose it sells for $12,400 during your 30 days. That is $2,400 above wholesale. We split that $2,400 and you effectively sell the vehicle for $11,200. You just sold it for $1,200 ABOVE wholesale!!

Q. Can I park my vehicle on your lot?
A. Yes of course, subject to these conditions:

  • Your advertisement will have a FREE UPGRADE to a FEATURED AD.
  • Vehicles must be brought to our lot in a clean condition.
  • Vehicles must have at least 1/2 of a tank of fuel.
  • Vehicle owner assumes all risk of damage and loss.

Q. How many pictures can I have?
A. You can upload 15 pictures for your advertisement. You can optionally purchase additional pictures to help you sell faster. People love lots of pictures. If you don't have your pictures ready, you can skip the picture uploading section and login later to upload your pictures and/or update your advertisement. We can upload photos for your ad if you don't have a scanner or digital camera available. Please contact our office for this service.

Q. What format or size do my pictures have to be in?
A. We support dozens of image formats. Jpeg, gif, png, tiff, psd and many many others. We automatically resize your images so they are a maximum width of 640 pixels and we create the thumbnails for you. You may wish to reduce the size of your image files before you upload them so it will take less time to upload. You don't have to resize your image files. Our web site will do this for you automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Advertisements will be taken offline 45 days after submission. You will receive emails with instructions of how to keep your advertisement active.

What Specification is your vehicle?
American Specification
Non-American Specification (European, Japanese, etc)